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Tic Tac Toddler: The 7 Step Method in Raising Disciplined, Playful, Articulate Children is the perfect place to start when it comes to parenting literature. In this Scott Byrd book, we cover everything from discipline vs. “limit setting,” where your child is developmentally, and how to handle those terrible twos. This 7 step method has worked for myself and many others! Whether your child is just entering the toddler stage with no preexisting advice or knowledge, or you have an abundance of family members and friends who assure you their method is the best, the Scott Byrd book Tic Tac Toddler will be a beneficial read for you! This book not only teaches you the certified Tic Tac Toddler Method, but also shows you how to incorporate others’ advice and create your own form of parenting that is special and unique to you! Buy your copy today!

Excerpt from Tic Tac Toddler


Rodney Dangerfield once said: “What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bees and he told me about my wife and the butcher.” So, here we are. You’ve managed to get this far. Are you still alive? That’s great! That’s the first step. Now you must keep the dang kid alive too. Parents know that we can skip the formalities. I’m aware of what you’ve been through just as much as you are. We all know the feeling of asking random people on the subway for advice. Who hasn’t slammed their head on the coffee table? Maybe you hide in the corner of Barnes and Noble flipping through every parenting book known to man. I get it! 


No one seemed to warn you about this phase, right? No one cared to tell you about the toddler stage. The baby phase was exhausting, but there was a certain level of peace underneath the exhaustion. However, a toddler is much like an upgraded software version: toddlers are just babies with advanced and modern features. Their energy alone can frighten the white off a priest’s collar. The second you turn your back, these toddlers have the ability to run and jump into a street of racing cars and climb all over your furniture. One would think that toddlers are going through a superhuman transformation where their abilities are speed, selective super hearing, and having the vocal frequency that lures ships to their doom.


Toddlers must try absolutely every stunt they can. We can only assume that they are learning how to control their superpowers. I bet you’re rolling your eyes every time you see a parent gloat about how sweet their child was today. You can’t stomach another parent talking about their blessings from the heavens above. Especially not when you have a toddler tugging endlessly at your arm, repeating themselves like a broken record, “mom, mommy, mom!” You know deep down that your little one can be an angel. They can be the sweetest child on the playground. Your mind goes back to the time your toddler handed you a flower they picked from your award-winning rose bush. You can remember the comfort you felt inside as your child fell asleep in your arms.


However, the hypocrisy of people convincing others who aren’t parents that the life of a mother or father is filled with rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns boils your blood. Children are a blessing and give us someone to love beyond the normal bounds of conditions and rules. Indeed, they are a huge part of our hearts. It’s the fallacy of perfect children without mistakes, tantrums, and cheekiness that gets us riled up. We are parents and can’t be fooled anymore. We know that we must accept our children for the unique individuals they are, no matter how we want to pull our hair out when they misbehave. Parents know that kids are only human. Children will make many mistakes as they learn how to be an acceptable person.

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Parents don’t sugarcoat anything when they attend their mommy and me classes. People commonly forget about the child who bounced around on their couches, lured ants into the kitchen with a trail of syrup or said the darndest things in public. The truth is that we find this hilarious after the toddler stage. We joke about how our kid told someone how big their bum was and how we were so embarrassed. Toddlers are infamous for being the worst secret keepers in the world. It’s okay to admit that your toddler is making you doubt yourself. Heck, you’ve probably read all the books there are on the subject. But I bet you haven’t read a Scott Byrd book The emotions you’re experiencing are all part of the toddler years. Some parents don’t live in fantasyland. Some parents remember precisely what our stomachs did as our children voiced unspoken secrets. We remember how our gorgeous angel could take a turn for the worst at inopportune times. We see parenting as a real relationship. We don’t shove these memories under the carpet.



One such parent has written this book. I don’t deny that my children have brought me the deepest levels of joy, but I also know that toddlers are in a phase that can scare us. Their behavior is erratic and undeniably spontaneous. This phase doesn’t mean that we can’t raise thriving children. Let’s delve into some facts to understand our kids better. Zero to Three and Bezos Family Foundation released its findings from a national survey in 2016 (Zero to Three, 2016). The Zero to Three organization focuses intently on early childhood development and parenting up until the age of three. Some results can help us realize how we aren’t failing as parents, and understand our toddlers aren’t truly impossible on their bad days. Seventy-three percent of parents claimed that parenting was their biggest challenge. Sixty-nine percent of parents believe they can do better if they could learn positive parenting.


Fifty-Seven percent of parents aren’t sure how to discipline their kids. I’m sure this figure is higher, but it comes down to parents being honest with themselves. Forty-eight percent of parents feel a lack of support and feel overwhelmed by their stress. This educational resource also gives us a few facts right off the bat to disprove many theories from parents in the surveys. A child’s ability to take turns and share happens between the ages of three and four. Toddlers lack impulse control until they are between 3.5 and 4-years-old. Parenting experts at What to Expect also share their insights to make us stop feeling like we’re some special case of chaos (Fabian-Weber, 2017).


According to a recent survey, 33% of parents credited their most embarrassing moments to children saying the craziest things in public (Sadlier, 2020). Undressing in public was at a staggering 28%. Taking something from a store without mom knowing about it and setting those alarms off at the security exit came to a wonderful 27%. If that doesn’t tell you that you’re not alone as a millennial or generation X parent, nothing will. It’s common for parents to feel overwhelmed in a chaotic world when they hear 100 tips from 100 sources. Many of these people try to sell you crazy products or subscriptions that guarantee a smooth ride throughout parenthood. I’m here to tell you to stop and breathe. This is your child we’re talking about! No one has a right to tell you how, when, or where. I’m simply here to be a friendly guide who uses techniques backed by doctors and psychologists.


The Tic Tac Toddler parenting guide can show you how to take care of and raise a disciplined, organized, and articulate toddler. We’ll cover everything from how to help maintain your child’s composure if they can’t do it themselves, why it’s important to love your child a tad less, getting your child to listen to you, and how you can listen to your child. These methods are proven to help your child developmentally, support you mentally, and connect your family emotionally. By the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll have answers to common questions (and maybe a few not so common ones).

Where do I start?


Am I a good parent, and what can I do to improve?


Is it possible to get to know your child through and through?


What are the developmental stages I should be aware of?


How are temperaments designed?


What can I expect from a toddler’s emotions, maturity, and intellect?


Is it possible to control tantrums civilly?


What’s the quickest method to calm a screaming toddler down?


Can I map my child’s psychology to prevent outbursts in crowded places?


What are boundaries, and how do I implement them?


What is the secret to staying sane as a parent in this modern world?


Could a toddler really have good manners?


How can I build a stronger relationship with my child?


What can I do to ensure that my child has the best chance of learning?


Are there simple strategies for having two toddlers in the house?


Can I face the fear of potty training my kid with practical advice?


My friends and family encouraged me to write this book due to my children’s good behavior and attitudes. They didn’t want me to keep my tactics a secret, and I agree with them on the one hand, but on the other, I can tell you that there are no secrets with parenting. Everything I’ve used to build quality foundations for my children is available to anyone who wants it with every Scott Byrd book. Keep in mind that not every parenting method works for every kid. It’s hard to know who we can trust when we’re swamped with advice from every corner daily. The problem with this is that all the incorrect information can do more harm than good. Unproven techniques could affect a child’s developmental health.


Your child’s developmental stages fly by faster than you think. If you don’t nurture them properly, it could lead to some serious problems down the road. This Scott Byrd book is the answer to all of those problems! Every chapter is filled with extremely valuable and vital information when it comes to parenting. Honestly, I don’t know what I would’ve done without these steps. Together, with the seven golden steps of parenting, we’ll get through your toddler years like a breeze. Your toddler will get through this before you know it and that’s why you must implement the steps now. Don’t waste any more time, no matter how exhausted you are. Turn the page and start a new journey with your amazing child.


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